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Useful tools to navigate online safety as a parent

Keeping your children safe online can sometimes feel like and overwhelming and impossible task. Below are some resources to help you understand your child's online world and help you to keep your child safe online.
Common sense media
Common sense media is a website that allows parents to research games, online content, apps and TV series to help them make an informed decision on if they want to expose their child to a certain content. 


The National Crime Agency's CEOP Education team aim to help protect children and young people from online child sexual abuse. They do this through our education programme, providing training, resources and information to professionals working with children, young people and their families

Online games

Understand the risks and get advice to help children play online games safely.

Internet Matters
Get expert support and practical tips to help children benefit from connected technology and the internet safely and smartly.
NSPCC - Social media
Children and young people use many different social media apps and sites. The most popular are Facebook and Instagram, with many others such as Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter. Click below to see NSPCC's guide to help parent navigate the world of social media.

Internet connected devices

Get advice about internet connected devices or toys and how to keep your child safe.