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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum has been designed for the children of Mevagissey Primary School. Its aim is to enthuse creative learning, give opportunities and nurture aspiration. This will prepare our children to succeed in 'Modern Britain', whilst opening their eyes to the many prospects within the wider world. Our curriculum has been created with our children at the heart of it ensuring all children access key progressions skills alongside rich subject knowledge.

 Knowledge organisers and entry exit assessments ensure children access a rich curriculum content that allows clear progression through each year group. 


We are currently in the process of developing our curriculum to provide the best learning experience for our children.  This is an exciting and important process and we do not want to rush it, as it will require a lot of thought and care.  We will keep you updated on our progress as we look at the key skills we want our children to learn in all subjects.  We have created a curriculum statement that can be found below. 



Teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge.

Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.

Deliver reading, writing and talking across the curriculum.



Provide environments for reflective talk.

Create opportunities for shared evaluation.

Celebrate and share children's success.

Identify next steps for learning.