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School Aims

School Aims
Aims and Objectives
Motivating Everybody - Valuing All
We are a school community where everyone is encouraged to thrive.
We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is stimulating, inspirational and accessible to all. We have high expectations, and take account of different abilities and learning styles.
Our environment is safe and secure, stimulating and celebrates the achievements of everyone. Our school has the resources necessary to deliver a contemporary curriculum, providing our children with the skills required for lifelong learning.
Every child and adult are valued members of the community. We encourage every child to become a responsible citizen recognising that with rights come responsibilities. We encourage parents to become involved in the education of their children and will provide regular information about school and the curriculum, as well as strategies for supporting children at home. We foster links within the local and wider community, recognising its cultural traditions.
We encourage the  children to work as part of a team, challenge themselves and have confidence in their decision making and risk taking. We recognise that people are diverse but have the right to be treated equally, and that every child is entitled to an inclusive curriculum. We encourage every child to develop empathy towards others, and to respect others' rights. We encourage every child to feel proud of themselves, feel wanted, be able to cope with criticism and rejection and have opportunities to develop individual interests and talents. 
'A place where everyone is excited about coming to school, and has a genuine desire to learn'