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Starfish Class

Welcome to Starfish - our YR/Y1 class !


Starfish is the first class the children join when they start their exciting journey of learning through Mevagissey School. Our learning is fun, engaging, challenging and encouraging. Our teachers are Mrs Hoare (class teacher), Mrs Gilbert (TA) and Miss Gibson (TA)

This year, the Reception children are mixed with Year 1 so are fortunate enough to have some older role-models to help and guide them on their learning journey.

Topic - Summer


I wonder what lives there…


This open ended topic will allow the children to deepen their own knowledge and experiences to learn about what might live where. We will be using 'The Tin Forest' as our first focus book. We will then embark on our 'Drawing Club' journey to continue to develop the 'joy' of writing. We will be focusing on the world around us and developing knowledge of the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom. Our Science focus will take us to the beach each week, allowing the children to observe, explore, compare and wonder about living things we find at the beach. 


 Number - White Rose Maths

Reception (EYFS)

Children will begin sorting and matching objects and making them the same. They will notice 'more and fewer' in groups of objects and be encouraged to use the correct language when explaining more and fewer. The children will develop their own knowledge for number through their play and the adults will support this when engaging with the children. They will observe and create simple repeating patterns in the classroom and when outside playing. 


Each day, we will talk about the date and temperature. The children will begin applying our understanding for numbers to identify whether the date/ temperature more or less than the previous day. They will pay for their fruit each starting at 1p initially. In Summer, the children will begin using 1p-5p to pay for their fruit whilst building a strong understanding for 1-10 and practically doubling amounts. They will follow the White Rose units 'First, Then and Now', and 'Find my pattern', 'To 20 and Beyond' and 'On the move'. The children will begin developing their language when comparing length, weight and mass and explore through 'hands-on' experiences.


Year 1 

The children will spend Summer consolidating and developing their knowledge of place value within 50, then 100.  They will move into addition and subtraction within 20 then developing knowledge for shapes, both 2D and 3D. Year 1 will be applying their knowledge of number bonds when making different dates and temperatures. They will identify whether the date/ temperature is odd or even as well as using the part-part-whole model to show how the numbers are made. Year 1 will further their build upon their EYFS knowledge of measure through comparing length, height and weight using non-standard and standard units.


Early Reading and Writing


The children will consolidate their Set 1 sounds, as well as learning Set 2 and 3 sounds. We will be focusing on orally blending words and some children will begin using this knowledge to write small words and short sentences. Some children will be using finger spaces and neatly formed letter formations.


Year 1

Children will continue in their RWI groups each day and use their knowledge of Set 2 and 3 sounds to develop their reading and writing. They will apply and develop these skills when writing in sentences independently building a knowledge for writing in different genres, as well as continuing to develop an understanding for adjectives and verbs. The children will begin to understand similes and conjunctions in their writing. 


Novel Study/ Drawing Club

Being a 'Novel Study School', we will develop a love of books through Drawing Club. We hope this will allow the children to develop a love for familiar texts and develop using a range of new exciting vocabulary, as well as beginning to apply their phonics skills taught in RWI. Children will be continue the 'joy' of writing through carefully chosen books/ animations that will enhance and develop their vocabulary during each 1 week focus. The books chosen for Drawing Club will also be carefully selected to allow the children follow their interests whilst exploring themes such as; healthy relationships, cultures and the wider world. 


Children will continue to choose their favourite story (choice of 2 books a day) at the beginning of each day, which we will listen to before lunch. We will also listen to 3 other stories from our familiar text pallet, during the day, to again develop a love for familiar books and enjoy more new exciting vocabulary as well as embedding the British Value: Democracy

We will continue to visit the school library once a week, so the children can carry on making independent selections for the pictures books they wish to take home and share with an adult. 


Sharing achievements

Seesaw - We use Seesaw to communicate and share amazing moments in class, but you can also use this to send us 'WOW' moments from home too

Homework - Starfish Class

With an adult


Sharing a library book with an adult

Sharing Read, Write Inc ditties/ books with adults  (4 or more times a week)

Reading and writing red 'tricky' words

Watch RWI videos sent from the Virtual Classroom


Year 1

Reading and writing red 'tricky' words

Reading RWI books 5 times a week at home

Practicing weekly spellings

Completing Maths homework (Hand in on Wednesday for marking)



Dressing and Undressing

Writing our names 

Putting on and doing up our coats

Putting our shoes on the correct feet 

Using cutlery to eat out dinner independently